Documented Life Project – Week 48

November Theme
Stencils, Stamps & Masks
November 28
Art Challenge: Combine the Three (Stencils, Stamps & Masks)
Journal Prompt:  “Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.”-Henry James

For this week’s challenge and prompt, I was not able to incorporate any materials from the theme. Most of my art materials are already being shipped to Manila as I write this post. I am excited to be home by Friday next week and more excited to see my Aunts, cousins and new nieces and nephew.

I did what I can with the materials that I want to hand carry with me. The limited materials also provided a venue for me to explore the softer side of derwent’s watercolour sticks. If you know me and how I do my art, I always tend to lean on using vibrant colors. Even with using the watercolour sticks, I would do an apply color/let dry/apply again mode until I am satisfied with the color’s intensity. This time, I experimented on just doing a single wash and see what it does to my page. The thin, creamy coating helped create a page that was dainty, tender and very feminine. I am happy and delighted to have created my first pastel page.





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