Graphite Study : Hip to be Square

This happened because I got caught up with listening to Huey Lewis and the News’ Hip To Be Square song from 1986.


I started doing this piece at a coffee shop where the song was being played. Later, when I worked on it again at home, I kept the song in repeat mode, only shows how crazy I do my art. Its moments like those that get me going. 🙂

This piece was made using a 2b, 6b and 9b pencils. By this time I am already accustomed with the pencils I am using and which among them I gravitate the most. The way I hold them does the trick and what I have in mind is mostly being translated onto paper. I am learning and happy.

Still, there are a lot of things to be learned and explored. Self study is not my thing, I would rather have a teacher and learn from him/her through demo/return demo but this is something I think I will greatly need to go to where I envision my art would be in the future. So for now self study it is and hope I could cover the basics on my own.


2 thoughts on “Graphite Study : Hip to be Square

    • Thank you, Laura. Its how I hold the pencils that makes the difference. Being heavy handed is making it difficult for me but I am trying my best. Your support is always always so appreciated.

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