The Little Things That Matter – #6 – Coffee Break Weekends

This past weekend I tried sketching at the back of a coffee receipt with my immediate view, a chair.


My mind can only grasp the 2D view and I tried my best to capture the essence of the chair in front of me. I failed. Hubs had to show me how to look at things in 3D so I could put into detail all the elements that make up that chair. It seems so simple by his perspective and so difficult for me. He even showed me how to capture the letter S from the Starbucks signage but oh my, my mind just can’t see it.

Its days like this that I seize the opportunity to challenge myself and see how things would come out in such short a time. Sitting in a coffee shop provides a lot of learning opportunities for one who is open and ready for a quick brain pick me up.

Its days like this that I could get to “consult” Hubs with my sketches and color combos. He does not say a lot about what I do but he supports me and yes, is my number one cheerer and fan but he lets me discover things on my own. He lets me experiment, make a mess and decide for myself and I love that about him. But coffee breaks on weekends provides the avenue for me to get a quick consult.

Its days like this that I let my mind drift to where I want the direction of my art go. When I jumped into the mixed media wagon almost two years ago, my mind was in overdrive. I wanted to learn everything. I thought a bit of everything will see me through. At first it did, but as time went by, I found myself narrowing my choices and staying with things I wanted to pursue. Coffee break weekends helps a lot with organizing my thoughts and projects for the coming week. It also provides a venue to let me really contemplate about what I really want to learn and move on from.

Its days like this that I am able to share my third place with my husband with a few other treats such as a slice of lemon cake. Happiness at its finest.


4 thoughts on “The Little Things That Matter – #6 – Coffee Break Weekends

  1. Sketching when out and about is great fun. I rarely get the chance to sit at peace when I’m out but I like to sketch when I do get the opportunity. It’s good practice to draw things we wouldn’t normally draw. Depth and perspective are easy once you’ve got the basic scaffolding of how to approach it. I bet there are YouTube videos that would help you.

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