The Little Things That Matter – #5 – Missing People We Don’t Want in our Lives

Just this afternoon while having coffee something came up in mind that I asked my husband if he misses people he does not want in his life. He did not answer my question but gave me back the question. Maybe I was feeling sentimental or sad but yes, sometimes I do miss people I do not want in my life. Does this happen to you too?

People come and go in our lives. Some just pass without so much flair, some tend to make a big impact that we are sometimes left either energized or exhausted, while others tend to make us remember the past with enthusiasm and or sadness and some helps us  look forward to the future with so much gusto or with a lot of fear. We usually refer to these people as family, friends, special someone, best friend of all best friends.  Are these people still present in your lives? Are they still influencing you in one way or the other? Are they still included in your circle?

I think it is alright to miss people who have one way or another has touched our lives that are now not included in our present circle. I think it is a healthy feeling, something every human being is capable of. Maybe you are thinking how come I am missing these people that I have chosen not to be “in” my present life? Because sometimes, like today, I let my mind drift to them and remember how they have made an influence in my life – good or bad, mostly bad. I am grateful to these people even though they are not in my circle anymore. I still consider them as blessings that were sent to me so I could learn, see and grow. Without them I would not be enlightened on so many things and my eyes would not see those who really matter.

Unfortunately though, these people have reached their “expiration dates” in my life and I have to move on to better myself. It was not wrong to have met them at all, it was not wrong to have communicated with them, it was not wrong to have invested feelings for them. It was just time to move away from them and carry on with the lessons I learned from and with them. So, yes, today I missed the people I do not want in my life.









2 thoughts on “The Little Things That Matter – #5 – Missing People We Don’t Want in our Lives

  1. What a thought-provoking post. I reflected on what you wrote and I’ve concluded that I actually don’t miss the majority of people who are no longer part of my life. Most of them have been sloughed off for good reason. There are friends I lost contact with in the days before Internet and who I would like to have kept in touch with but they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I think perhaps what I do miss when people have gone from my life is the potential of what they could or should have been to me. I miss the possibility of what that friendship might have been rather than the reality of what the friendship was. Hopefully that makes sense.

    • That totally makes perfect sense Laura. I think that was also one of the things I miss when I miss these people. Where would the friendship go if I let them stay in my life? Will they be able to help me grow or drag me down further?
      Sometimes I let myself drift and wander of the possibilities that life had offered and will still offer. Maybe that is reflection on one’s life. It is a check and balance time for me and I get to ask myself questions that help me look and move forward. Thank you for reading my post and taking time to reflect on it. I appreciate that.

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