The Little Things That Matter – #4 – The Joy of Trying Something New

Isn’t it great that there are a lot of things to give time for and try in the mixed media world. At the moment, I am trying my luck with brush lettering. Months ago I have bought a calligraphy ink at Daiso and never have used it for writing. Instead I have used it as a coloring material in some of my journal pages. Today, I promised myself to use the ink for its real purpose. After watching some brush lettering tutorial videos on you tube, I got my materials and tried my best for some magic.

Since I am heavy handed, it was very easy to do the down strokes of the alphabet but it was difficult to do the up strokes as it required a light touch. To make my first day of practice easy and enjoyable, I practiced writing my name and the names of my siblings and their family.



Not bad for a first day. 🙂

I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn. But today was a good day to learn something new. I enjoyed every stroke and every word that I practiced. I aim to improve my own handwriting using the water brush and hope to learn a few tricks to make it more colorful. And with confidence, I could incorporate it in my mixed media pages.



4 thoughts on “The Little Things That Matter – #4 – The Joy of Trying Something New

    • Thank you, Pauline. There are a lot of tutorials in you tube and in instagram. I am learning a ton from there. Also, I am reminded of our training with one of the nuns in grade school, she insisted we use the Paulinian style of writing in her class.

    • Thank you, Laura. That was my plan too, to use my own handwriting and see where the brush can take me. I am using a medium tip aquash brush pen and filled it up with sumi ink. When I was in grade school, one of the nuns in the school insist that we use the Paulinian style of writing, using lighter strokes for upward direction and heavy ones for the downward direction. I guess I have not forgotten that though difficult to do with a brush pen. With constant practice maybe I’d be able to master the style again.

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