Graphite Study: Web of Life

Last week was a week full of very meaningful conversations between me and my husband. It was one of the most important week in our married life. Lat week, with my blessing, my husband tendered his resignation from work. In the one year and almost six months that we are here, work had been challenging from day one. Don’t get me wrong, we know that work is work – the demands of it, the continuous readings and studies that require a project, the follow ups and roll outs and the continuous changes when it is on-going and the “you are only good as your last project” phrase. He belonged to a team of people from different ethnicity, different ages and sexes and that is great, he has been used to working with different multi-national companies with people from different walks of life, from different countries but this was the only work that he experienced being singled out, and bullied upon. That, we will never tolerate. We had been raking our brains out as to the reason/s why this particular person was using his position and repeatedly victimizing him. But in the end, for our peace of minds, we decided to move on and leave him to his bad ways. Thus, we are happy be going home by December.

Our stay here has been the most meaningful part of our marriage and in our individual selves. We had learned a lot and realized so many things that wherever we go from here, we have lessened some of the doubts in life. We have learned to appreciate and love the country. I have learned so much from the people who are our ancestors. As this was my first time to live abroad, I forced myself to read on and learn a lot of the different races within the country. I learned so I could blend, understand and appreciate our individual roots, practices and way of life. Living here made me appreciate my own upbringing, my education, my own strengths and weaknesses. It is truly a great opportunity and a blessing to be given this chance.

This graphite study really sums it up. I believe that all humans are bound together in a single thread that makes up a strand in life. We are all connected. Whatever we do to this single strand we do to others and to ourselves. Being human is complicated as life itself. How we live life, how we cope with life and how we appreciate life affects each of us. So maybe if we move slowly, carefully and meaningfully, we might be affecting the thread positively.



8 thoughts on “Graphite Study: Web of Life

  1. A very good decision has been made. I share the way you look at life and admire your choice of seeing the positives that have come from this venture. May the next chapter reflect back to you all the positives you have made and seen here. The web drawing is beautiful and articulate.

  2. Your drawing is stunning! These graphite studies are really your thing I think. I could see this framed on a wall.

    Congratulations on navigating a big decision and arriving at a solution together. As you know, we’ve made big decisions too and made leaps of faith that the decision made was the best for us. Good luck with the relocation!

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