The Little Things that Matter – #2 – Friends

When I started this blog, my sole purpose was to share my art journey. As time passed, I am not only sharing my own journey but equally enjoying other people’s journey as well. Some may call you virtual or online friends but to me you are purely my friends. Irregardless of the distance, ethnicity, age, status, education, abilities and capabilities, I am grateful that you chose to be in my circle of friends, not only as art friends but friends. My blogging life have been full of joy because of you. I have learned a lot and is still learning from all the exchanges we are having within my “home” or yours. It has been a great privilege to be able to take a peek inside your home, your family life, your work life, and your art life . I am blessed to be in an era where technology can bring people closer, share, lend a helping hand or just simply being there to listen.



4 thoughts on “The Little Things that Matter – #2 – Friends

  1. I really like the sentiment of your post. I agree that the real joy in blogging is the interaction with others on my blog and the blogs I follow. It’s a great platform for engaging with a diverse range of people. I’m happy to count you as a blog friend.

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