Documented Life Project – Week 45

November Theme
Stencils, Stamps & Masks
November 7
Art Challenge: Stencils – Made or Bought
Journal Prompt:  On the edge of uncertainty…what are you afraid of?

I am so relieved that we are now in a new month with a new art challenge. Last month’s art challenges gave me a difficult time so it is just refreshing to have an easier challenge for this month. For this week, I did not use the journal prompt as inspiration and derived only from the art challenge. I gathered some of the stencils I have and just played. No background color and doodling for a change and only used a charcoal pencil to add emphasis to some of the words.


I like how the page turned out. The splash of colors made the page look so happy and complete. Even without so much as a focal point, I love how I can make out a few phrases and or a complete sentence from the words I chose to stencil.


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