The Little Things that Matter – #1 – Art Journals

Today I am starting a new blog segment. It is about the small things, events, gatherings, inspirations in my art life and life in general. This afternoon, I took a photo of my two precious art journals. Journals that have become dear to my heart, valuable in my art journey and important in my everyday life. I am sharing a peek of how they look, how battered they have become, and how some of the paint I have used throughout the months have been peeling off. There is a story in every page, a visual glimpse of my life,  sneak peak of my heart and of the person I would like to become. They are testimonies of my art process, the struggle I’ve had with every challenge, the feeling of triumph, the flutter my heart feels with every aha moment. These journals have become my material best friends of sorts –  available 24/7, always ready for a good splash of color, will not complain of bad handling and most of all has the power to make me smile and appreciate what is.



11 thoughts on “The Little Things that Matter – #1 – Art Journals

  1. I love the idea behind your series of posts and look forward to reading more of them.

    I have only completed one art journal so far but I have it sitting on a book shelf so that the kids and I (and anyone else who cares to) can flick through it. I like seeing my development and progress in its pages, like remembering the creation of each page. I like how tactile my art journals are too – and how my altered book is becoming – with all those crinkly, buckled edges.

    • Thank you, Laura. Its super that your first journal is in the shelf for everyone to look into. It would be fantastic if you could compile or book bind the artworks of the kids and yours from the recent concluded project of the masters or maybe do this in your next group project. I too have works in individual papers though they are still few in numbers. I will book bind them too when they reach maybe 50 pieces. Your altered recipe book has a lot of promise and I’m excited to see how the whole book would be like once its full and finished.

  2. Yes!! I think the history of our journey as artists are hidden in the pages of our journals. I started to date my pages a while ago when I looked back and wondered when it was I felt like that or experienced that or discovered a new technique that was used in a painting….. My journals are very precious to me!

  3. I agree with you, art journals have become my anti-depressants, joy and companions…. I only started last year and have two, ying and yang, good and bad days 😉

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