Documented Life Project – Week 44

October Theme
Translucent Papers
October 31
Art Challenge: Tea Bags, Dryer Sheets, Fibrous Papers
Journal Prompt:  Just Create!

This week’s challenge and prompt was a roller coaster ride. I can’t seem to have a definite plan on mind. I have a concept in mind but can’t execute it. I knew I wanted to have arrows in my journal page so that was the first I did. I stamped arrows onto my fibrous paper (it was one of the papers in a stack of papers given to me by a friend).


Then using my circle template, traced and cut them. Putting in color was next, so I used my inktense pencils for coloring. I was surprised that the paper absorbed so much water and I had to let it dry for at least an hour.


Then this was where problems after problems started. At first I wanted to make a flower arrangement out of my circle arrows and did just that. Bad call. Cut the circles again and this time made a tree around the circles. Another bad call. Ripped the pages out of the journal and started over. This time, I glued the circles randomly, no over thinking and just played. I doodled around my circles, colored them in with pens and lastly painted the entire white space with two coats of paynes gray, added doodles and my own lettering. Additional dots using red pen were added to my plain white letters. I loved how the page looks abstract with an influence of the 60’s psychedelic look.



2 thoughts on “Documented Life Project – Week 44

  1. I experienced setbacks with the DLP prompt this week too. I think we will both be ready for the new challenge theme. Whatever your obstacles, the finished page is great. It definitely has a 1960s vibe to it. The arrows inside circles work really well and I like the use of black to make all those colours pop.

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