The Little Things That Matter – #5 – Missing People We Don’t Want in our Lives

Just this afternoon while having coffee something came up in mind that I asked my husband if he misses people he does not want in his life. He did not answer my question but gave me back the question. Maybe I was feeling sentimental or sad but yes, sometimes I do miss people I do not want in my life. Does this happen to you too?

People come and go in our lives. Some just pass without so much flair, some tend to make a big impact that we are sometimes left either energized or exhausted, while others tend to make us remember the past with enthusiasm and or sadness and some helps us  look forward to the future with so much gusto or with a lot of fear. We usually refer to these people as family, friends, special someone, best friend of all best friends.  Are these people still present in your lives? Are they still influencing you in one way or the other? Are they still included in your circle?

I think it is alright to miss people who have one way or another has touched our lives that are now not included in our present circle. I think it is a healthy feeling, something every human being is capable of. Maybe you are thinking how come I am missing these people that I have chosen not to be “in” my present life? Because sometimes, like today, I let my mind drift to them and remember how they have made an influence in my life – good or bad, mostly bad. I am grateful to these people even though they are not in my circle anymore. I still consider them as blessings that were sent to me so I could learn, see and grow. Without them I would not be enlightened on so many things and my eyes would not see those who really matter.

Unfortunately though, these people have reached their “expiration dates” in my life and I have to move on to better myself. It was not wrong to have met them at all, it was not wrong to have communicated with them, it was not wrong to have invested feelings for them. It was just time to move away from them and carry on with the lessons I learned from and with them. So, yes, today I missed the people I do not want in my life.









Documented Life Project – Week 47

November Theme
Stencils, Stamps & Masks
November 21
Art Challenge: Use a Mask
Journal Prompt:  “Mask”arade

I did not use a mask or make one for this week. Because I did the background two weeks ago when I did week 45 using two stencils sprayed with dylusions inks. So when this week’s challenge came up, I felt at a lost. Since Saturday I have been reminding myself that the background is already done and my art supplies are already packed with just a few pencils and a watercolor set.  What to do? What to do?

Instead of raking my brains on what to do, yesterday I sat down and colored the white parts of my stenciled background. I used my husband’s frixion erasable pens. Then outlined the colored parts with black gel pen and white signo pen to make them pop.

I would not recommend the erasable pens for coloring though, their felt tip would form “dust” after a few strokes. I was just tempted to use them as they have so many cute colors.

In the end, I added a quote with silver signo pen and never reminded myself that I did not use the challenge nor the prompt for this week.



Weekend Lettering Practice

Sharing with you some of my brush lettering practice output from last weekend. I used a pentel aquash medium tip water brush filled with sumi ink and my 2015 Starbucks Planner.









And the brush lettering adventure continues. 🙂