Documented Life Project – Week 43

October Theme
Translucent Papers
October 24
Art Challenge: Glassine
Journal Prompt:  Windows of My Mind

For this week’s challenge, I again used parchment paper instead of glassine. Buying something for single use is not allowed in my book, so its either deli paper, paper napkins or parchment paper. Parchment won because of its see through effect.

I had an idea of a stained glass effect for my page but was too lazy to think of something to draw and paint. Instead, I brought out my washi tapes (something which I seldom use) and set them randomly onto my  journal. The stained glass effect was still in my mind but I did not like the bold black lines it will give my parchment paper. I then used my favorite tangle pattern, the bunzo though without the shading. Then I added random words I cut from an old book and used scotch magic tape to adhere them onto the page. Finally, I used double sided tape to adhere the parchment paper.



4 thoughts on “Documented Life Project – Week 43

    • Thank you. It was nice that it conveyed the idea I had in mind. It was also good to bring out those washi tapes and have a go at playing with them. I need to bring them out more and start using them in my pages. I just always look at them and put them back in their plastic bag.

      • My washi tapes are in a ziplock bag too. I only have a few tapes, maybe a dozen, so I don’t use them much. I tend to use them in craft projects with the kids more than in my art journal. They are handy for covering up more pedestrian methods of attachment.

        • Agree with you. I had a washi tape buying period and eventually I realized I was not too keen on using them on my pages so I stopped. Note to self – use washi tapes often. 🙂

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