Documented Life Project – Week 42

October Theme
Translucent Papers
October 17
Art Challenge: Vellum
Journal Prompt:  Sheer Genius

For week 42, instead of using vellum (I just received a piece of vellum from a friend but I decided to use it in another project) I used parchment paper which I brought with me from Manila. Lorraine’s take was awesome and I wanted to try it. Once I picked the stencils I wanted to use, a paper piercer and an old foam paper, I started working on my parchment paper. Being heavy handed, my paper got torn in some places of the stencil design but still I repeated the process. Eventually gave up on the idea. I would have used all of my parchment paper if I had continued with the piercing thing.

The only option I had was to use a stencil which was easy to cut. I chose a tag stencil, traced it onto my parchment paper and cut away. I went with the idea of a flying bee carrying the tags with words I live by. It was fairly an easy and simple page but I’m glad that I went with it.



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