Big Eyed Pineapple Looking Owl

Since I scaled down everything in my life to concentrate on proper self care more than a month ago, I made a list of art projects for every month that came after. One project per week is doable and not time constrained. If you know me, I always work with a schedule and I abide it to the letter resulting to stress that I myself had invited in.

So in my list of projects for the month of September, one entry says, draw and color your own version of an owl. I did started the owl project first week of that month with a sketch. But unfortunately, my mind drifted to another project idea and I lost track of my owl.


Jumping from one project to another is a regular thing with me that was why I forced myself to make a list. I used to start and finish a project in one day and that practice had brought me both happiness and a lot of self imposed stress.ย When I chanced upon my owl sketch from the piles of unfinished art journal projects, I sat down and work on it for a couple of minutes. I did the inking this time and it had been eight days since I worked with it first.


Again after inking, I set the journal aside and worked on another spur of the moment idea. Finally when October arrived, I told promised myself to finish my owl so I could start with my project list for this month.

Coloring took three days to do and finish. I started with using aquatone watercolour sticks and ended up covering them with polychromos. I maintained the watercolour background and used a stencil and cream craft paint for the night sky. From the time I did the inking to finishing everything, twenty five days had gone in between. This is by far the only project that took me sometime to finish. Why? I really do not know. But here he is, my big eyed pineapple looking owl.



10 thoughts on “Big Eyed Pineapple Looking Owl

  1. Oh I love your owl!!! I jump around so much too on things I’m working on. I was just noticing how many unfinished projects I have going and there is plenty! I should make a list like you did, but then I would forget where I put it. ha.

    • Thank you! I used to have a lot of projects at once and as always I tend to forget many of them and others I really loose the interest at all. Making a list helped a lot. Maybe you could stick the list on your work table or jot them down in your planner. Good luck!

  2. He’s fabulous! Your application of colour is always brilliant, so intense and vivid. Maybe it’s good to strike a balance between having a longer term project on the go and lots of quicker projects.

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