Documented Life Project – Week 38

September Theme
Journaling with Photos
September 19
Art Challenge: Silhouettes
Journal Prompt:  There is no shadow without the light…

Browsing through my collection of digital photos of family, friends and us, I could not find the right photo for this project. Then I asked Hubs if he could share his collection of photos and let me see if I could use one from his. As always he indulged and found me a very good shot of my brother.

Hubs used to be a photography enthusiast. He together with my brother and other male cousins, they would set weekly photo session dates. Since we all live in one big compound, it was easy to round up the gang, wake up early and set up their gears. Hubs focused on macro-photography, my brother focused on product, food and fashion photography and my cousins on honing their craft with whatever caught their eyes.

For this week’s project, the photo I used of my brother captured by my husband is a very fitting photo. Hubs told me he that the photo was taken just before a video on a big screen was about to play. My brother was standing in front of the screen taking pictures of the kids playing. We printed the photo on paper using an inkjet printer. The colors that came through was so vivid that I did not add or remove anything from the photo. No mixed media background just the photo and a quote from Leo Tolstoy.



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