Documented Life Project – Week 43

October Theme
Translucent Papers
October 24
Art Challenge: Glassine
Journal Prompt:  Windows of My Mind

For this week’s challenge, I again used parchment paper instead of glassine. Buying something for single use is not allowed in my book, so its either deli paper, paper napkins or parchment paper. Parchment won because of its see through effect.

I had an idea of a stained glass effect for my page but was too lazy to think of something to draw and paint. Instead, I brought out my washi tapes (something which I seldom use) and set them randomly onto my  journal. The stained glass effect was still in my mind but I did not like the bold black lines it will give my parchment paper. I then used my favorite tangle pattern, the bunzo though without the shading. Then I added random words I cut from an old book and used scotch magic tape to adhere them onto the page. Finally, I used double sided tape to adhere the parchment paper.



Documented Life Project – Week 42

October Theme
Translucent Papers
October 17
Art Challenge: Vellum
Journal Prompt:  Sheer Genius

For week 42, instead of using vellum (I just received a piece of vellum from a friend but I decided to use it in another project) I used parchment paper which I brought with me from Manila. Lorraine’s take was awesome and I wanted to try it. Once I picked the stencils I wanted to use, a paper piercer and an old foam paper, I started working on my parchment paper. Being heavy handed, my paper got torn in some places of the stencil design but still I repeated the process. Eventually gave up on the idea. I would have used all of my parchment paper if I had continued with the piercing thing.

The only option I had was to use a stencil which was easy to cut. I chose a tag stencil, traced it onto my parchment paper and cut away. I went with the idea of a flying bee carrying the tags with words I live by. It was fairly an easy and simple page but I’m glad that I went with it.


Documented Life Project – Week 41

October Theme
Translucent Papers
October 10
Art Challenge: Tissue Paper
Journal Prompt:  The Disappearing Trick

For this week’s project, I used ordinary paper napkin you can get from any store. I got mine from Ikea months ago and fortunately I tucked away a few pieces for possible journal use.

I started my page with combining a few of my favorite craft acrylic paint. Used a few stencils, added doodles with pens and markers and finally I removed the top portion of my paper napkin where the design was and cut it into a decent size. Then I used a regular gel medium to adhere my image to the left side of my journal page. I thought that when I adhered the image, the white portion of the napkin will just fade away or blend into my background like doing a disappearing act which was the journal prompt. Wishful thinking I guess. I thought of ripping the page off and skipping the challenge but I wanted to complete this year’s weekly challenges as I had done last year so, I just had to be extra creative and think of a way to make the white portion of the napkin disappear.I need a miracle! 🙂

Then the thought of coloring the flower design of my image came to mind and I did just that using pens. It covered some of the white portion. Then I thought of thickening my images’ legs and neck to cover more of the white part. Luckily my red pen was the same shade of the napkin’s design. Whew! Then as I was about to give up and just let some of the napkin’s white portion of stick out, I thought of using watercolor to cover the remaining white parts and guesstimate that somehow the green shade I’ll be using has the same shade as my background. In some ways it worked and I’m glad that I did not throw the page or skip the challenge completely. Its not the best but it will do for now.