Documented Life Project – Week 37

September Theme
Journaling with Photos
September 12
Art Challenge: Digital Imagery & Design
Journal Prompt:  What Makes Your Heart Sing?

This project was quite easy for me to do. I have been using Picasa 3 for more than a year now and have been playing with its different effect and features. It was just fitting that when the challenge called for digital altering, I already had a plan of action.

I used an old photo of Hubs and me (2012) and amused myself with Picasa’s many effects. When I was satisfied and done with playing, I asked Hubs to size and print the image for me. I then worked on a simple background in my art journal using colors from the altered photo. To incorporated the journal prompt, I  borrowed a few lines from the Carpenters’ song You to finish my page.



2 thoughts on “Documented Life Project – Week 37

    • Thank you. I tend to go for simple pages now. I like the simple process and how each piece is integrated to one another. Though sometimes it is also tempting to go full blast and make an elaborate layered background.

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