Documented Life Project – Week 36

September Theme
Journaling with Photos
September 5
Art Challenge: Photo Transfer
Journal Prompt:  From Here to There

Ah week 36 at the Documented Life Project , another art challenge I might have some difficulty of doing. Because I do not have magazines to get photos from. I cannot accumulate newspapers, old books and other paper products that takes space other than the things that I use in my mixed media projects – one old crossword puzzle book, one old children’s book, and a few patterned papers I use for collage. Living in a small rented space is difficult for crafters but compromising is good. What to do? What to do?

Instead of wasting time and raking my brains on how to tackle the challenge, I opted to do an abstract painting using the artworks of Paivi Eerola as inspiration. I have long been wanting to do an abstract painting and I think it would be a great background for an idea that is brewing on my mind.


I use my micron pen in 0.2 to scribble around my art journal and started coloring spaces using my student grade faber castell colored pencils.


A bit of improvement the next day. It was also nice to see the marks left on the page from the previous work I did when I was coloring. Apologies for the blurry photos as I take them with my tablet. My hands are perpetually shaky.

By the second day I was doing this, my idea became concrete and I asked Hubs to print the words from one of my favorite stamps using our ink jet printer. I am not a techie person and does not know how to print. I let all technology based things for Hubs to do when he gets home. Good thing I forced myself to learn from Hubs how to email, use facebook, blog, use instagram and organize my files. Whew.


Lat night when Hubs printed the quote for me, I used a scotch magic tape and put on four layers of it on top of the saying, sprayed water at the back and rubbed my index finger lightly to spread the water. Then carefully, I peeled off the tape from the inkjet paper. Luckily, the tape peeled off nicely, showing off some of the spaces where I rubbed my finger too much. I cut the edges of the tape for a clean look and let the peeled off quote dry for a few minutes and used UHU glue to paste it onto my journal.

I think I did not veer too far away from the art challenge. Instead of a photo, I used printed words to transfer following Sandi Keen’s technique. Pleased with the whole page, learned a new technique and more than happy with the background.


4 thoughts on “Documented Life Project – Week 36

  1. I love that quote Carrie and have never seen it before. The background process is very creative and has worked very well too. You have reminded me of the tape transfer too which I had completely forgotten about and which is a very handy tool. This is a great post for me to read! 🙂

    • Thank you, Pauline. I got the stamp in a store sale in Manila before we transferred here. Unfortunately there where were no manufacturer seal or mark on the stamp. The background was a fourth try I did inspired by Paivi’s work. I do not know much about abstract painting but her works are so inspiring and so colorful. Hopefully with my next try, I could add depth through shading.

  2. I think you did wonderfully well with this challenge. I like when DLP members think laterally about a challenge. That background is amazing. I really love it.

    PS I think you are much better with technology than you think.

    • Thank you, Laura. The background took a while to make but my short moments with it everyday were a lot of fun. It was nice that the idea of transferring words worked too. Ah, technology, I hope to get better at more programs everyday.

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