Reading, Enjoying, Sharing

Since the moment I promised myself that self care is more important that anything else, I was faced with unlimited time. Time, the precious four little word that we either take for granted or is controlled by it.

Today my unlimited time was spent reading from the people I follow here at the blog community, enjoying and learning from them and sharing something from my heart. This was the first time that I gifted myself that rare privilege of involving myself thoroughly with what my blogger friends has to share. I found that I learn a lot from them and experience their excitement and happiness.  A sense of great bonding was happening and I am welcoming them.

How about you? Have you given yourself the gift to really “read and absorb” from the people you follow in this community?


7 thoughts on “Reading, Enjoying, Sharing

  1. Hello Carrie, what a great post to find when I arrive at your blog for the first time. I love my blogging community – it is probably why I have continued on. I started blogging to keep track of the creations that were coming out of my art/craft room – I stayed because of the friendships that blossomed. I have even been to the US to meet some of these new friends earlier this year. My world has widened out since I started blogging. I spend about an hour a day reading and communicating with my favourite blogs – being allowed to enter into peoples lives, interests, hobbies, joys and sorrows is a great privilege and one I treasure. Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you will stay around and join in our little adventures and events 🙂

    • Thank you too for visiting Pauline. I found you through Laura’s blog (A Pict in PA) and was delighted when I read from your posts. I started blogging to share my love for arts and crafts and started with blogspot and somehow was bullied by some artists who I later realized had no self confidence.I started with wordpress only last year and had found Laura ( who is a classmate at The Documented Life Project) and other mixed media artists. Blogging had been a great help for me especially when we moved to Malaysia for Hubby’s work. Laura in particular had been a source of unending support and inspiration. If not for her I would have dropped out of the blogging community. Now, I am enjoying my stay here and hope to inspire someone with what I do.

      • I am sorry – appalled really – to hear of unpleasant behaviour on your other blog. You are right though, that behaviour always comes from people with low self esteem and small world views. You are better away from that kind of society. I think you will find a community on WordPress that is supportive, friendly, inclusive and encouraging. I am not surprised to hear that Laura has been supportive. She seems a wise and kind woman to me. And talented. 🙂

        I am signed up for Life book 2015, but have not done any of the lessons since March – life took an unexpected turn early this year and change has followed change. I am saving all the lessons and hope to work my way through them next year.

        The Documented Life never got underway this year either.

        I’m making sparkly beaded things instead 🙂

        • Life has its ways to make us concentrate on her for a while. Just save your life book lessons and Im sure you can get back to them when everything is settled. I saw some of your beaded creations from the blog. I used to do that too with my cousin. I was a just diagnosed and operated on of thyroid cancer (2007) and my cousin encouraged me to do beading to distract me. We later on joined bazaars and enjoyed our stints. We made all sorts of beaded stuff, from beaded jewelries, rosaries, serving spoons and forks to cake servers, eye glass holders, bookmarks and clips. Oh those were happy days! 🙂 My cousin later on concentrated on her day job and I moved on to learning how to do jewelry using copper wire, had accepted commission work and later rediscovered my love for paper thus DLP and the mixed media community.

    • That too is one of my favorite and I look forward with each reply. While I was reading from the blogs a few hours ago, I felt different. Different in the sense that I do not only feel the art part of my blogging community but also their individual lives, the emotions they go through and who they really are as a whole and not as someone who loves art and make art. I think this extra time I have is helping me beyond what is apparent.

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