Health Camp Update

Last week, I mentioned that I was going to health camp. Health camp is about self care and taking everything in moderation. I was given new medications for hypertension, new dosage for my thyroid medications, a medication to help lower cholesterol levels and a lesson on drastic diet and lifestyle change. If I had not had my blood tests and consultation, I would have suffered a heart attack or a stroke or worst both.

Now one week later, I felt the difference from when I was not yet given new medications. Funny how I learned every single symptom of high blood pressure and high cholesterol in school and when I was feeling most of them for several weeks even months I did not recognize any. I am truly thankful for asking Hubs that he give me a complete blood exam profile gift for my birthday. We both agreed that these gift was the most valuable of all.

My doctor told me to take it easy and avoid stress at all cost. As a stay at home wife I could not possibly see any form of stress inside the home. I do not have children to care for. I only have my Hubs, myself and the home to see through. But lo and behold my body was reacting differently. Then she asked me what I do on my spare time, I told her I do art journaling, painting and I love doing it. She immediately took on a lengthy conversation with me about my art and how passionate I was. It was at that point where she told me that she thinks my art took over my life. I was shocked at hearing what she said but she explained to me all that happens to arrive at me being sick. I could not believe it. My art is contributing to my blood pressure to go up? My art contributing to increase my blood cholesterol? My art contributing to sleepless nights? My art making me forget to choose what to eat wisely and on time? My art making me all jittery?

Now I understand what my doctor meant when she told me to take it easy. That was why I made a compromise with myself. I promised myself to do only one to two pieces of art per week. To take time with each piece of art no matter how easy or difficult they may present. To get up from my work table even when there is still a lot of time for art. To consciously stop in the middle of something very good. I even made two postcards and taped them in front of the wall of my art table to remind me that there is no deadline for an art piece, and the other piece was to remind me to do deep breathing every now and then.

Also the new diet plan is doing wonders and I can already feel lighter. I sleep at least 7-8 hrs a day now as opposed to 4-6 hrs before. I still continue to exercise but added a few varieties to help my body metabolize more. At 45, there are still a lot of things I want to do and share with Hubs and to communities I belong. I have been given so many second chances in life before but took them all for granted, this time, I will take it to heart.

Continue on inspiring! See you all again next week.


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