Going to a Health Camp

Dear Friends and Readers,

This morning I had a good chat with my doctor regarding my blood results. The results were not life threatening but they are considered as signs to take life easily and live more on the preventive side of everything. My doctor and I agreed that these results are indications for change, good change and another chance at life. I’m seeing this as going to a health camp. So with that I am taking sometime off from my blog and the blogging community to concentrate on my physical health.

Thank you for the unending support that you have been gifting me. I truly appreciate all of you.  I assure you that I will still continue to make art and share them once I’ve had the time to do so.

Big hugs and continue inspiring!

Carrie Lynn


8 thoughts on “Going to a Health Camp

    • Thank you for your sweet words. I am hopeful and I am following the doctor’s recommendations and cutting on everything even doing art. Sometimes my body does not already know that making art is a form of relaxation. I guess art ruled me more than I could control it. My doctor suggested that maybe one project (no matter how big or small) per week is just right. She told me not to finish one art project in one sitting. I am like that all the time. So cutting on everything and increasing in physical exercise is a must for now. But I’ll get through this. I just have to get to a routine.

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