Documented Life Project – Week 33

August Theme
Faces, the Human Form & Characters
August 15
Art Challenge: Painted
Journal Prompt:  How do I face my biggest challenge?

For this week I did not follow the art challenge of using acrylic paints rather I used watercolor sticks. Using watercolor to color/shade a face has been one of my biggest challenges when I started coloring my girls. I have been using my only set of dr. ph hydrus watercolors to practice facial shading especially with my big eyed whimsical girls but I always feels that something is not enough or too muchwas put in. I cannot seem to get the right formula. Well, I think there is no right or wrong formula with what we want to color our faces with, only what we see other people do and think that it might be the right one. Since I am practicing using derwent aquatone watercolor sticks which I would be using for my Color Me Tag joint project, I decided to try it with this week’s face.


I started with a graphite sketch of my peculiar girl on a 10x7in cold pressed watercolor paper and used a black stabilo colored marking pencil and activated it with a water brush.


Then I used my set of 24 aquatone watercolor sticks to color in the facial shading. I opted to use shades of blue and green just because green is my favorite color and blue has a calming effect on me. Together with vermillion red (now my second favorite color :-)), magenta, raw umber and venetian red.


I used 3b and 8b graphite pencils to outline the eyes, nose and mouth and do some shading together with black faber castell pen for the pupils, micron pen for the eyelashes, white signo pen eyes highlights and white acrylic paint for where light enters and is coming from.


So to answer the journal prompt – I think challenges are sent to help me learn, develop and toughen up. It is very easy to quit especially with art challenges we cannot seem to figure out, art techniques we cannot learn, art materials we want but can’t seem to find the budget for it, art works made by people we admire but we can’t possibly see how they do their magic and many other challenges that contribute in our lives. But our journey in life as in our art was never promised to be easy. We have to earn our stars and keep the teaching moments close to our hearts.


4 thoughts on “Documented Life Project – Week 33

  1. I wish I had been as dedicated as you with the DLP – I only have weeks 1 to 7 done. However I love the open prompts, but got bogged down with Life Book. I think you feel more obliged to keep up when you pay for a class… silly but it’s how I roll anyway. I now feel as if I never do any art just for the sake and joy of it, but am always doing it to “keep up”, although I do love LB. At the moment I am trying to set up a decent studio, but it’s taking a long time, as I have to save to buy some things for storage space and so on. However, I can create up there, I will create up there, and seeing the process of how you did your gorgeous girl has made me want to take brushes and paint, sprays and crayons, stencils and stamps and paper to collage with, and get cracking to once again move forward on this wonderful journey. Thanks for sharing and for the push in the right direction.

    • Its so nice to hear from you. Thank you for visiting. I also struggle with what to do with my DLP pages but I promised myself to finish every week’s project no matter what.I am not registered with Life Book though and other than the weekly DLP projects, I mostly create my own monthly theme or experiment on something new to me. Also, finishing up with Radiant Faces is a must for me this year. I have been giving a lot of time for excuses not to do it. I have done a few of Radiant’s lessons but I always let personal projects get in the way. And now that I am on vacation to concentrate on my health, I might as well do some Radiant lessons to distract me from doctor visits and new medications. I will look forward to your finished studio. Please share photos when its done and ready to be used.

  2. I love your take on the challenge, both your take on facing challenges and your art work. I love the way you’ve colored the drawing. I especially like the use of colour among the flesh tones. I think you most definitely overcame this challenge.

    • Thank you, Laura. I’ve worked with it for two days and I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I never knew that vermillion red can be a base layer for coloring faces. Hoping that I could recreate this kind of shading with acrylics. Maybe a watered down acrylics will help a lot.

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