Color Me Tag Book – Outline Completed

Last week I was in a sketching mode and finished the remaining 19 tags to complete the 31 tags for the month of August. I share this joint work with a very dear friend who lives in Singapore.

new tags4

new tags3

new tags5

My friend wanted to practice the art of pointillism and she asked if I am willing to make her a coloring book where she could practice and hone her craft. I could not say no but warned her that my designs are far too simple from the coloring books she could easily buy from a bookstore. She told me that my simple designs were not a problem. When she joined an art community in Singapore and they were given art assignments, she taught of going to the direction of pointillism as a technique of coloring. She started with the piece that was given by their art teacher but could not get the right groove thus she did not enjoy her first art piece. Consequently, she deliberately skipped some classes because of her experience. As she was thinking of how she could enjoy her art journey, she thought of me, my art and our friendship and the idea of a collaboration came to mind. I am grateful that, of all her creative friends, she chose to do this project with me.



2 thoughts on “Color Me Tag Book – Outline Completed

    • Thank you. We are both excited about the project and have been sharing with each other the materials we have and would like to use. I decided to use watercolor sticks in coloring my tags and she decided to use stabilo pens and crayons. We also decided to take our sweet time with every tag. No deadlines and no expectations just an enjoyable journey.

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