Documented Life Project -Week 32

August Theme
Faces, the Human Form & Characters
August 8
Art Challenge: Characters
Journal Prompt:  “If you’re going to be weird, be confident about it!” Author Unknown

20150814_004034This is how I feel most times. One part good and girly and the other, a rebel, a rocker, the tomboy. I have long embraced and accepted this actuality. Now, I am comfortable in my own skin and does not feel that I have to keep my other self inside and hide it from the world. This is me and proud of who I am.


Funny how age seems to make all things easier to accept, even my true self. No more resistance, no more hiding, no more worrying. I only have one lifetime to live and I am living it with so much gusto.


Happy weekend everyone! You are the captain/queen of your life. Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise.


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