The rainy season has started at my side of the world and what better way to spend the day than making art.


Below was the approach I used to make the page.

  • Applied white gesso on my journal page. Let dry.
  • Used one of the ultimate grunge stamp as the base background.
  • Used the side of an old discount card with black acrylic paint to put on lines on the upper and lower parts of the grunge stamp.
  • Used green cray pas oil pastel crayon and smudge around the page using index finger.
  • Applied another coat of white gesso (thinly). Let dry.
  • Added splatters of viridian green hydrus watercolor diluted with water.
  • Used the same watercolor, I added in circles using the bottle dropper as frame of the focal point.
  • Used an old book page which I tore it to size  and burned the edges with a lighter. Adhered to page.
  • Stamped a butterfly image on a piece of doily and burned the edges. Adhered to page.
  • And my page was done.

A close up of my page’s main design.


There are so many things I like to do when it starts to rain, mostly go out, get wet and enjoy the cold water. Even in my mid forties I still delight in that activity. But today, I opted to stay in doors, sip tea and make some art.


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