Going to a Health Camp

Dear Friends and Readers,

This morning I had a good chat with my doctor regarding my blood results. The results were not life threatening but they are considered as signs to take life easily and live more on the preventive side of everything. My doctor and I agreed that these results are indications for change, good change and another chance at life. I’m seeing this as going to a health camp. So with that I am taking sometime off from my blog and the blogging community to concentrate on my physical health.

Thank you for the unending support that you have been gifting me. I truly appreciate all of you.  I assure you that I will still continue to make art and share them once I’ve had the time to do so.

Big hugs and continue inspiring!

Carrie Lynn


Handmade Coloring Page

I have been toying with the idea of making a bigger sized coloring page other than the Coloring Tag Book and went ahead last Friday. I thought of using a few stamps, a watercolor and a colored pencil set. So I got my moleskine sketchbook and impressed the pattern of my number stamp using different colors of archival ink. Next I got my only set of flower stamps and randomly stamped onto the page with black archival ink. I love the simple layering created by two stamped images.


Then I got my set of 24 watercolour sticks (derwent aquatone) and a water brush and colored on the flowers. The next image is a different kind of flower as I forgot to take photos of the step by step I did with the flower above.


Next step was to get all the colored pencils I have and select a color darker than my watercolor base to create an outline within. After this step, this is where the real fun begun for me. Shading came next using a cotton bud with baby oil.



I did these steps with all the flowers in my sketchbook page. To add more interest at the background I scribbled around using a pigma micron 0.1 and used the pencils to color them.


I love everything in this page and how my vision turned into reality. I will devote the remaining pages of my sketchbook for my coloring book craze and see where it will take me.


When I woke up a couple of hours ago there was only one thing in my mind and heart to tell everyone in my life and that is to say thank you.

No I don’t feel sick or is worried about anything, though my blood tests results will come out this coming Wednesday and I dread seeing the doctor, that’s beside the point. I am just overwhelmed with the feeling of being blessed, loved, cared for and cherished by.

I have had family members and dear friends that I have pushed away but still they remain by my side no matter what. I have had the opportunity to meet people in person and online, became friends and stay connected through the years. I am glad to be meeting new people from different walks of life, learn from them and seeing the string of connection between our cultures.

Thank you for your presence in my life. For the time you have spent and will be spending with me. For all the things I am because of you. For all the wonderful adventures we have had. For your wisdom and the memories we shared. For being the person that you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.