Inspire Every Day – Postcards Update

I am very lucky to have friends who took time to take photos of yesterday’s event of Ayala Museum Inspire Every Day event.

Here are some of the photos I grabbed from my friends facebook account.


It was awesome appreciating the creative spirit! There were a lot of Filipinos from all over the world who contributed their talent, time, self and heart for one goal – to inspire! A worthy and heart warming goal to do every day.


This blue bunny was created by the daughter of my friend Airees. Like her mother, she is a very creative girl and so very sweet.


The doodles hello friend card in the middle was created by Airees’ eldest, her son. It was terrific that this teenage boy contributed his art to a worthy cause.


And this assorted flower doodle water colored card was created by the kids very creative mother, Airees. Airees and I had been friends since our scrapbooking days and she was the one who invited me to join her in this endeavor. I love how clean and simple Airees’ artworks are. Simplicity, as everyone will agree is beauty.


This very bright yellow orange card was created by another friend, Alby. I met her during my scrapbooking days when she became one of the contributing writers of another scrapbooker’s online site. I love Alby’s calligraphy so much!


And finally, can you spot two of my contribution? Or is Jon Snow clouding your view? 🙂 🙂 🙂


Another two of my cards in there. Can you spot them? One is even hanging beside my friend Alby’s doodled card.

I am honored to be part of this awesome event by #InspireEveryDay Inspire Every Day of the Ayala Museum. From the photos my friends took, the Filipino talent is souring high. Proud to be Pinoy! Thank you again to my enabler and cheerer, Airees, I had so much fun creating my cards. Thank you too to another creative friend, Alby for your unending support, and words of wisdom. I hope that one day we can all gather together and play, laugh and share good food.


4 thoughts on “Inspire Every Day – Postcards Update

    • Yes it was Laura. According to the museum’s instagram account there were 4,413 attendees and they had to do a cut off at the entrance since the museum is full to the brim.

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