Believe in Magic

Since I am in the mood for experimenting, I took out 3 of my most unused dylusions ink sprays ( after midnight, melted chocolate and black marble) and started playing.


I gessoed my page using a palette knife for more texture. Let it air dry. Then I used a crafter’s workshop stencil (TCW324s) with gesso to add more texture to my page. I ran out of stencil paste and used gesso instead. Air dry. When everything was dry, I randomly sprayed black marble and melted chocolate onto my page, tilted it and let it drip. Adding a few spray of water here and there to help with the drips. Air dry. I repeated the process three times and on the fourth time, I sprayed after midnight onto parts where I added my stencil. By this time my page was really messy and grungy that I was beginning to think of not continuing with it anymore. But as every artist would say, just continue and trust your journey. At that instant, I remembered that I have three butterflies from my scrapbooking stash and they would be wonderful to add to the page for color. The butterflies gave me the push I needed, so I continued and let the background transformed. Since the page is already grungy I used one of my ultimate grunge stamps  with black archival ink to add more grunginess. Next, I used a reflections stamp with burnt sienna acrylic paint to mimic writing. Just a reminder, if you use acrylic paint with your stamps, please clean them with soap and water immediately. The paint will ruin the grooves of your stamp when left dry. Lastly, I outlined the page with black stabilo all and a conte sanguine pastel pencil.

When my background was done and dry. I just added the butterflies which I grungify or made dirty with black dye ink applied with index finger.  To blend the butterflies with the background, I outlined parts of the butterflies that were glued using a pigma micron pen.






Do you have days when you just want to make art and experiment? Do you believe in the magic of what you can do?


4 thoughts on “Believe in Magic

  1. This is another beautiful creation. You really do excel at this intuitive experimentation stuff. I suspect I would make a mess if playing with the same materials.

    I think the magic of my art and creativity is the effect it has on me. I’m more balanced, happier, placid and just a better version of myself when I devote time to art. I have not done a single arty thing in a month now and I’m feeling the strain. I’m going to aim to plough through various chores and obstacles so that hopefully I can carve out some me time for art next week.

    • Oh thank you so much Laura. I think you will do great when you don’t have a goal and just play. And yes, giving yourself some “me time for art” is a must especially with all the children in the home and enjoying their summer vacation.

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