Before I started this spread, I only had one thing in mind, and that was to play and explore my new set of watercolours. I recently bought a tin set of 24pc solid watercolour sticks from Derwent called Aquatone.

I wanted to take a closer look at how the Aquatone will perform in contrast with Derwent watercolour pencils and Derwent inktense pencils. After one full spread, the Aquatone is longer than our average crayon  and that for me is already a big bargain. The sticks come in a protective wrap to protect the stick from our sweaty hand. It laid of a smooth, heavy coverage with medium pressure. And since I am heavy handed, I had to adjust the way I hold my sticks. I fell in love with its softness and how the colors blended easily. The colors are not strong and vibrant as the inktense  but it comes very very close. It will not come as strong in areas where you want light colors unlike when using an inktense.  They are not permanent unlike the inktense which really has ink in solid form.I think they are true watercolor sticks.  You can rewet any dark areas with a water brush and dab with a tissue or a clean white cloth which was what I did to my spread. The biggest set you can get is a set of 24 colors and its only up to our imagination if we will feel limited by 24 colors.


So back to my spread. I really do not have a look in mind but wanted to try where the watercolor sticks will take me. I started with applying light white gesso and let it dry. I discovered that if I let it dry overnight, I won’t have gesso problems the next time I work on it. I traced my home made circle stencils over at the middle of the page and used black sharpie pen to outline the circles. Then I chose the watercolours I wanted to use. At first I thought I would have a problem with my color adhering onto my page because my page is a gessoed page but luckily I did not have any.


For the background, I added ray like line work on some of my circles, colored them with the Ivory Black stick.


Since there are still spaces for journaling, I thought of using my black gesso to blacken those spaces.


And now for the background color, before I put on color I used my black signo broad pen to make the line work you can see in the photo. I know that signo broad pens are not water proof nor water resistant and that was fine with me. I used dylusions lemon zest first then let it dry and then used black marble after. Adding a line work with a non water resistant, non water proof pen added to the page’s interest.  To achieve the grunge look, I used a water brush to lift off some of the black marble with a circular motion. I already knew that dylusions inks do not stay permanent on gessoed paper and thus it was easy to lift off the excess black color.

Final details were added with quotes by Brene Brown and Mary Anne Radmacher using white posca pen, gold signo broad pen, 0.7 white signo pen, 0.5 black muji gel pen, 0.1 pigma micron pen, 0.5 orange muji gel pen and sky blue and pink faber castell permanent markers.

And finally after everything had dried, I date stamped my spread.

This exercise was something very new to me. I usually plan for projects ahead of time and set a play day for them. But this time, I only set out to experiment and explore my new art supplies, stumbled upon a technique and finished a two page spread in my big journal and discovered that I had my money’s worth. Priceless!


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