Documented Life Project – Weeks 27 and 28

July Theme: Ephemera
July 4
Art Challenge: Using Old Maps, Letters, Tickets & More
Journal Prompt:  Life…with a history


I tried out my new art supply, black gesso. For ephemera used a portion of the map of Singapore I got from our visit last May. Other materials used were oil pastel sticks, pens,a scrapbooking ticket and a bookmark from a friend in Manila. Simple, easy to make and very satisfying.

July 11
Art Challenge: Focal Point vs. Layering
Journal Prompt:  Time keeps on ticking


Since I fell in love with the art of Paivi Eerola, I found myself practicing a few steps of what she shared in her blog. I used dr ph hydrus watercolors, black and white gesso, a stencil, inktense pencils, student grade colored pencils, white signo pen, micron pigma pen and a sharpie. Plus a quote about time from the net. The page was easy to make, the only thing that made it take sometime to do was the drying time. I did not bring my heat gun with me and had to settle for natural drying time.

Wonderful week everyone!


2 thoughts on “Documented Life Project – Weeks 27 and 28

  1. Both pages are wonderful. I totally love what you did with the map and the numerals inside the blobs on your “time” page make me think of Dali’s clocks. Your DLP prompt pages are going from strength to strength.

    • Thank you so much Laura. I found that I am enjoying doing the prompts when I do not think about making the page “beautiful”. I just play and experiment and hope everything will turn out not muddy.

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