Embrace Imperfection

About a few days ago a friend of mine asked me if I could join her for this project.

11655899_10204965855569180_1633530956_o (1)

I immediately said yes. I could never pass up a chance to help inspire others in any way I can. This project would certainly add some curve ball to my usual weekly projects. Also, I am excited to see a cousin and her husband visit KL this coming week. They will be celebrating another wedding anniversary and would like to celebrate with Hubby and I on top of exploring Malaysia. I am glad that my cousin chose to celebrate their anniversary here. I will surely ask her to hand carry my postcards and hand them to the museum. Apart from preparing for the postcards and my cousin’s arrival, I am also super charged to make something for my cousin’s Mother. My Auntie Inday will be celebrating her birthday on the 26th. She was someone I come to other than my own Mama when I needed more advice, when I want to share my art, when I have bible study questions and when I want to just chill out and drink beer. Our bond became deeper when Hubby and I lived with my Mama in the family compound where her home was just a 2 minute walk away. The painting I am doing for her will be inspired by Paivi Eerola. I fell in love with Paivi’s line drawing when she was featured as guest teacher for Documented Life Project – The Journal  for week 25. Plus, I will have to pass up this week’s Documented Life Project challenge and journal prompt for a line drawing entry.

So many things to do, so very little time but I am putting my game face on and looking forward to a productive weekend full of colors, experimentation, a messy work space and loads of happiness. For now, I am sharing with you a part of the first postcard I did a few hours ago.


Happy weekend everyone!


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