Documented Life Project – Week 29

July Theme: Ephemera
July 18
Art Challenge: Photographs & Memories
Journal Prompt:  “All that I have to remember you”-Jim Croce



For week 29, instead of using pictures, I made a memory board. The different shapes I made for my board signifies all the love ones I’ve lost through disease or circumstance, the friendships that went in different directions, the opportunities turned down and decisions that were wrong to begin with. They also represent those times I’ve spent with my lost love ones, the friendships I still enjoy and continue to nurture, the opportunities I have welcomed and the right decisions I have made.

My memory board not only hold memories of lost but also of laughter, warm embraces and genuine smiles.These memories helped make me the person I am today. They are treasures my heart will keep and cherish.


I Choose To be Unstoppable

My day started out to be just an ordinary day. With the daily chores and planning the grocery list, it is generally a relaxing day. Today, as I was browsing the internet, I chanced upon an affirmation. The words caught not only my eye but my heart as well. I was so inspired that I decided to make an impromptu spread in my moleskine journal. Since I am letting my wild self rule my journaling, I decided to limit my materials with just white gesso, Dr. Ph Martin’s hydrus watercolor in alizarin crimson, a charcoal pencil,  four kinds of stamps with two alphabet stamps in different fonts, and cray-pas crayons in gray and black and scraps of paper. Talk about being wild and limiting stuff, ha!


I was not able to take photographs of the process as I was so engaged with the different ideas swimming in my mind. But let me see if I could take you to imagine how I did this spread. First I light gessoed my pages, then air dried it. Then I added another coat of white gesso but this time putting a few drops of the hydrus watercolor and used a palette knife to spread the combined materials over the whole spread, then air dried. Once dried, I chose four stamps and randomly stamped onto the spread using black and red archival inks – this was the point where I really played my heart out. Then to add focal points, I used the same watercolor’s nozzle to draw flower like shapes then set aside and let dry. When dried, I thought of using my oil pastel crayons and chose the colors gray and black, applied them randomly and smudged it with my index finger. I used a paper from an old journal and stamped on the affirmation using two different alphabet stamp set to stress on some of the words, cut them to size and adhered them onto the spread.



I loved how using a palette knife helped to achieve texture on the pages. The oil pastels when smudged using my index finger went into the texture crevices and added more color. To finish my spread, I used a charcoal pencil to outline my cut out sentiment to make them blend with the whole theme.

This was such an easy spread to do. If not for the drying time, I think I might have finished it in an hour. But I love my pages air dried, so patience was a must. Just in case you will also be inspired to do a page or a spread using the same affirmation, don’t forget to link me up so I could gaze upon your work.

My ordinary day turned to be one awesome, extraordinary day after all. 🙂

Welcome To My Wonderland

I thought last week’s grunge art pages was just a phase, but I was wrong. My weird self wants to come out and it has been happy since I did my first dirty, messy art. That said, from now on I am giving my freaky, creepy, magical self the chance to shine. I am not talking about split personality, just something in me that I have embraced and accepted. To simplify it, I will be giving my wild self the floor to sparkle. So, welcome to my wonderland!



I started this last Friday in my moleskine sketchbook and finished coloring last night. My only inspiration was my Moth Fab stamp and spontaneously doodled around her.  I immediately fell in love with this stamp when I saw it online. It was in my wish list for a long time and when the chance came to finally purchase it in 2013, I was just so thrilled. I think I have only used it twice including this page. Why? I really don’t know. I guess my wild self was used to be just an audience to my colorful self.

It was very liberating for me to give my Moth Fab girl a big pointy hat with a heart dangling on it. I felt I was finally playing my wild heart out when I did it. For some it was just an ordinary thing, altering something that is already beautiful but for me it was an experience of freedom. The feeling was mutual when I added thorns in her mushroom hut, button mountains and around her haystack tree.

The abstract line work at the background was a last minute decision. The sketch was already colored and was awaiting a declaration of a finished work but something inside of me was screaming that I was not yet finished. Thus, the loose line work for the finish. And since I am not really into the wild wild, heavy metal stuff, a few splashes of pink, yellow orange, turquoise and lime green  with the black and violet background color was necessary.

I love how this page turned out. My wild self is so much happier now.