Cereal Box Project

I have been wanting to try using toned paper for my colored pencils but don’t want to go on a craft shopping trip just for that. Or should I say, I am literally restraining myself to go inside an art store, during which I might not be able to go out with only the toned paper in hand. So, for the meantime, I made use of my cereal box and started a project which I easily lost interest and had started another thus it became one of my unfinished projects.

mclc2015_cerealbox     mclc_littlegirl_1

Then last FridayI set out to finish her. I used faber castell polychromos for her face and hair accessory and acrylic paint for the body.

mclc2015_littlegirl_2     mclc2015_littlegirl_3

Here’s a close up of her face. You will be able to see the marks of my helping lines. That is how heavy handed I am.


I was entirely smitten at how vivid the colors of the pencils came out with toned paper to think it was just a cereal box. What might be the chances if I were to use actual toned paper? Hmm, I wonder.


2 thoughts on “Cereal Box Project

    • Thank you for your unending support, Laura. I too am amazed at how the pencils performed. Next time I’ll try my student grade faber castell pencils, lets see how they deliver.

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