The Documented Life Project – Week 23

June Theme: Travel Journaling
June 6 Art Challenge: Illustrative Art Journaling
Journal Prompt:  Take Me Away

I am excited with this month’s theme since I love to travel. Going on road trips and picnics were activities my family loves to do specially during summer vacations. Traveling abroad was another thing but we seldom do that since we were a family of six. But nevertheless, my mother would save up for a trip for the whole family every now and then and Hong Kong was always the first choice.

This week’s challenge became a big task for me since I have not tried doing illustrative journaling. I have been thinking about it for sometime but have not yet jumped into the bandwagon. So since the challenge called for it  I was now required to give it a go and try my luck. I drew significant landmarks of the countries I have visited with family, cousins and my husband and used dr ph martin hydrus watercolor to color in the outline of my sketch. I then added the names of the countries and dates when I visited them.

week 23

It was such a delightful experience trying my hand at illustrative journaling. I still have a lot to learn and have to train my eyes to see 3-dimensional. It will be a great journey if I decide to embark on it full time.

For more fun challenges and journal prompts, visit us at the Academy.


2 thoughts on “The Documented Life Project – Week 23

  1. Your illustrations are wonderful! They are so neat and crisp. I really love the graphic quality to them. Your typography is great too. I really need to make more effort with the text in my journal. Great page!

    • Thank you so much, Laura. Took me forever last night just to do the sketches. That was why I did not color in too much anymore. I’ve been practicing simple compositions in my journal jotting down my favorite quotes as taught in Joanne Sharpe’s whimsical lettering book. I just use mostly pens and play with them.

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