Windmills of Your Mind

Today as I sat down at my art corner and I contemplated on doing something or not doing anything artsy at all, I decided to open the music player and get inspiration any music that will strike an artsy page. The first music that came out was a Swing Out Sisters rendition of The Windmills of Your Mind. As I listened, an idea of a simple mixed media page came to mind.


Materials Used:

  • white gesso
  • acrylic paints
  • gelli plate
  • brayer
  • time clock cards
  • circle ruler
  • palette knife
  • stamps
  • archival ink – black
  • derwent intense pencil fuchsia 0700
  • staedtler triplus liner – lime green
  • sharpie fine tip permanent marker – red and blue
  • scissors

Action Plan:

  1. Apply white gesso onto one side of art journal (I used the right side of my journal) using a palette knife for instant texture. Let dry and set aside.
  2. Using a gelli plate apply choice of acrylic paints (I used craft smart in bright red, apple barrel in sublime lime and bleu bahamas), use a brayer to spread the paints and instead of turning the plate over onto a paper, I put time clock cards on top of the plate, used mg hands to press lightly and peeled off my time cards. Let dry.
  3. When time clock cards are dry, use a circle ruler to trace different circle sizes and cut them out with a scissor. Set aside.
  4. Use the same bright red acrylic paint, put a few drops onto the middle part of the journal and use a brayer to spread the paint leaving the four sides of the page paint free. Let dry.
  5. Once the page was dry I added layers by writing over the entire page using graphite and used two stamps to add more layers.
  6. Layout the cut circles around the page and when satisfied of their placement, I glued each one with craft glue.
  7. Add another layer over the entire page using a brush dip in white acrylic paint. I tap my brush with the paint with another paint brush.
  8. To make the circles pop, I used derwent inktense pencil in fuchsia and activated it with a water brush. Derwent inktense pencils are a great way to substitute for a stabilo all pencil.
  9. I borrowed a phrase from the song and wrote them into the remaining paper from the time clock cards using staedtler triplus liner in lime green.
  10. Added a few dots onto the circles with sharpie fine tip permanent marker.
  11. Date stamped placed on the left side of the page.



I hope you enjoyed my process as I have had a pleasant time doing it. Just in case you would make a similar page and follow my steps, please don’t forget to link me so I can delight in the page you will come up with.

Happy weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Windmills of Your Mind

  1. I love those circles in particular. Journalling inspiration from music is a great idea. I always listen to music when arting but I have never actually thought to incorporate it – except for once with a Smiths lyric.

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