Radiant: Faces – Inner Child version 1

Here I am again braving myself up to do my first online class, Radiant Faces 1. This time no matter what the outcome might be I will stick to it and learn all the things I could. Radiant Faces 1 was offered by Effy Wild last October with 8 wonderful teachers plus Effy making it 9 awesome gals. Woohoo. Each teacher gave full length information packed videos and pdfs to create beautiful faces. Effy, our hostess and one of the teachers, gave a version of each of the lessons plus helpful tips and tricks regarding substitute materials. A total of 18 lessons now downloaded and waiting for me. How cool was that.

Out of the 9 lessons, I chose to do lesson 2 the Inner Child with Tamara Laporte first since as I have said before, I am quite familiar with her style. I watched the video first and did my version of her lesson without the video guiding me. I thought that watching the video first and following with doing my take on the lesson will greatly help me instead of doing the lesson along side with the teacher pausing and playing the video as I go on. I was not surprised at all when my girl did not in anyway resemble my teacher’s girl. Considering the fact that I have been practicing doing faces for almost the same time frame as when I put off doing the class, it was just natural to develop a face style I am comfortable carrying out.

So, without much ado, here is the first sketch I did for Lesson 2 by Tamara Laporte. I used daler rowney watercolor paper in 8in x 16in.


I still used dr ph martin’s hydrus watercolors as my choice of coloring material since I have practiced with it with two wonderfully disastrous paintings. Though my background was a watered down lime acrylic paint.


I then decided to outline my girl using black uniball signo pen and added a few stamping and stenciling here and there for the background. Colored in some of the stamped shapes of the background with staedtler triplus fineliner pens. Lastly, I cut out small circles and stamped each letter to form the word ‘supergirl’, glued it at the top of the painting and used black stamping ink to outline my painting’s edges.


Tamara’s lesson brought back many happy memories when I was a child. My sister and I used to pretend we are superheroes thus it was an easy choice to make for my first inner child version. I am glad I chose to do this lesson first. Happy memories plus happy thoughts are always a great help to making me push myself to do better.

I think the I did not let myself down with the dr ph martin’s hydrus watercolors. I started very lightly and added in more pigment when necessary. Self control was the key.


4 thoughts on “Radiant: Faces – Inner Child version 1

  1. This is great! I definitely think you’ve captured that childlike energy and invested it in your drawing. You are definitely handling that ink well.

    That’s interesting to me that you used to work alongside the tutorial and now create after completing the video. I’ve always watched and taken notes and then start creating but often a day or two later. I wonder if that is why I so often stray from the lesson. It’s great that you are becoming more confident in your own style too.

    • Thank you so much Laura. Yes, when I first started drawing faces from Tamara Laporte’s Art, Heart and Healing free online class, I could not draw without following along with the teacher. The only thing that I could draw then that signify it as human is a stick figure. I am very happy to have learned a lot in almost a year. Now, I am a bit confident to watch the video first then create after.

        • Aww thank you. If I have known the joys of drawing when I was just a little girl, I would have taken that route and enjoyed myself immensely. But, its never too late to start and I am very happy now. My journey with drawing faces now has opened a lot of other drawing doors and hopefully I could jump on those other doors by next year.

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