The Documented Life Project – Week 21

May Theme: Touchy Feely (Texture)
May 23 Art Challenge:  Cheesecloth
Journal Prompt:  Say Cheese

The only thing I got inspiration from both the art challenge and the journal prompt was the word – cheese. Maybe because we do not have cheesecloth in our home nor have we ever used one. Though I thought of using a surgical gauze to mimic the cheesecloth and color it with dylusions ink spray, I was not in the mood for that. So, I went with the easiest route and looked for inspiration over the net. I had a lot of fun layering colors of acrylic paint using a palette knife and trying my hand at sketching a cheese using 2B pencil then later on charcoal. Since I’m a fan of the worn out look, smudging the charcoal lines was a must.

week 21 cheesecloth

Join us at the Academy for more creative excitement.


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