May – Flower Angel week 3

I think I have saved the best of my flower angel series for this week. I started loving stargazer lilies when a suitor gifted me with a flower bouquet of it a long time ago. Other than the rose, the stargazer lily is one flower I associate with love. So for this week, I drew and colored a whimsical girl wearing a bandana with a stargazer lily petal as wings. I am dedicating this girl to all the mothers who have won and lost their battle with the big ‘c’ and to those who are still fighting.


Back in 2007 I have been diagnosed with cancer and had undergone operation and radiation. My parents went through the same journey but lost in 2006 and Β 2014. Many will will say that if anyone could choose to have cancer they will choose to have papillary thyroid cancer, which what I had back then. It was the highest rate of survival especially when detected early on. But in all considerations, even with papillary thyroid cancer, I did not want any of it at all. I was confined for a week and when I had my radiation treatment a month later, I was told not to share a bedroom, toilet and bath with anyone, not to get pregnant for a year and that I should not go near pregnant women, elderly people and babies for a whole month. Check ups every month until I celebrated my one year and every three months thereafter. Only in 2012 was I told that I could have my check ups and blood tests twice a year. So basically even if I was afflicted with the highest rate of survival kind of cancer, it was still a pain and whats worst, I became afraid of the one place I used to love.

I grew up in a home adjacent to a hospital. My grandfather was a doctor who built his own hospital and grew that hospital with his doctor children. So when I grew up I also wanted to be a doctor but subsequently plans changed and I became a nurse. When I graduated and started working, I loved every minute of my time inside the hospital with all the chaos and emotions. Cancer changed all that.

In hindsight, though I’m not a mother, I also dedicate this angel to the journey I went through battling cancer and finally claim I am a survivor. Embracing my scar and loving it.


4 thoughts on “May – Flower Angel week 3

  1. I love that you celebrate being a survivor and regard your scar as a medal. That’s a great attitude to have. I love that you made the lily into a wing for your girl. You really have mastered how to use those pencils.

    • Thank you Laura! πŸ™‚ I didn’t know that I would also be celebrating my journey when I was contemplating for a whimsical girl theme for this month. I’m glad to celebrate being a survivor with other women who have had the same journey as I did. And yes, using the colored pencils is quite a wonderful thing now unlike when I first started.

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