May – Flower Angel week 2

I have decided to celebrate Mother’s Day not only for a day but for the whole month of May. A day is not enough to eulogize, honor, bless, love and remember the women who bore us and have stood beside us through laughter and tears.

For the second week of May, I did a sunflower angel. It is dedicated to all the women who had touched my life and became somewhat of a mother figure and to all the women who will be first time mothers.


I have been blessed to have been surrounded by a lot of women when I was growing up. My late Mother had three sisters and my late father had two, a total of five Aunts/Surrogate Mothers. Not only that, I was also part of a big group of friends and their mothers became representative mothers when needed. Each one had been instrumental to the kind of woman I am today. Along with my mother figures, there are also my many women cousins and friends who are going to be first time mothers. I wish them the best of health and a safe delivery.

I am not physically a mother but still a mother to my many nieces and nephews, to my friend’s children and now a grandmother to one of my nephew’s newborn son. How lucky am I to be part of the big world that is Motherhood.

Faber castell polychromos pencils were still the medium used for this artwork. Learning from doing shading with colored pencils is quite a challenge but I am seeing  improvements from my other colored pencil works. Having a monthly themed project is greatly helping me with ideas and also with evaluating how I have improved with exploring the different media I have.


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