Watercolor/Ink Whimsy Doll – April week 4

She is a party girl who loves bling, boys and booze. She may sound wild but she is not. She knows her priorities and passionately loves the people closest to her.


I was once like her and had enjoyed a lot of parties during my teen and college life. Drinking was fun back then and flirting too. But now in my mid forties, I prefer drinking wine with the hubby, in our living room watching Star Wars. I think mid life slows us down a few notch but once in a while going to parties with people with the same age bracket as ours is also a fun thing to look forward to. I can’t wait to do just that in the next few days when we get to visit my cousin in Singapore. Happy days and happy hour here we come. 🙂

Doing this series of whimsy girls using inktense blocks was quite a journey. I was very much inspired by the fabulous big eyed artworks of Ady Almanza, Lizzy Falcon and Margaret Keane. I have learned so much and have had so much joy doing each girl. I think I will continue this series this month adding my fair share of whimsy. The inktense blocks proved to be a medium that is easy to use. Contrary with my first impression of it. I was afraid to use the blocks at first for fear of doing something wrong since when dry the ink is permanent. But lo and behold, I have used its permanent feature to my advantage. Since the pigment is so intense (hence the name) I added water to the pigment more than I add water to regular watercolor pans. I frequently used the wet on wet technique to blend the colors well. I added colors one at a time letting the first color dry first. My pictures just don’t give justice to my work. I guess I have to learn how to scan them instead (sigh). I do not know much about watercolors, liquid pigments and have lost a lot of time searching the web but could not find anything to help me. If you know of any site or video, I’d be delighted if you could share.

This trial and error journey had helped me a lot in the self confidence aspect of my art. I am truly thankful that I had given myself this opportunity to explore, learn and enjoy. I have been bitten by the whimsical bug and with that I am grateful and have been happiest.


2 thoughts on “Watercolor/Ink Whimsy Doll – April week 4

  1. She looks very sultry and self-assured. I have always preferred movie nights at home on the sofa with a glass of wine to partying. And I have never looked as glam as your girl. Have a great weekend!

    • Oh Laura thank you! When I was doing the partying thing, I was not at all glamorous as her, I prefer jeans, t-shirt and sneakers as I still do now. More comfortable 🙂

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