Watercolor/ Ink Whimsical Doll – April week 2

I am rushing my whimsical dolls before this month ends. It was only last week that I decided to do the series and it had already taken hold of my imagination, time and life.

This is my second whimsy girl for the month. She was still colored with inktense blocks in a watercolor moleskine journal and was still inspired by the fabulous artworks of Ady Almanza, Lizzy Falcon and Margaret Keane.


I would love to share my lollipop with you. Do you want some?

I am ecstatic with the outcome of this painting.  It was my first attempt to draw a hand and I know I made a beautiful disaster out of it. But I am giving myself a big smile for attempting to do it. That candy stick was another opportunity for big improvement, it was not exactly into the hand, another beautiful disaster, another occasion to learn. Oh I could enumerate a lot of beautiful disasters within this painting but I choose to see the many little pretty things within her too. I have long ago decided to love my imperfections and have accepted the reality that I need time (more time) for practice and play.

So, what do I love with this girl? I love that she have big eyes, something I have been struggling to find out since I started drawing faces 7 months ago; that she have pretty little eyelashes, eyelashes I have been practicing with my pencil girls; that she have cute little shoulders, I was looking at my own shoulders and arms when I was drawing hers and putting in circles where balls joins sockets helped a lot (makes me want to get myself a ball jointed doll so I could pose it and use it as reference, for starters maybe a monster high doll); and yes, she had shoes, my chibi book was a great help.

I think I have finally saw the light with the kind of big eyed whimsical girl I have been wanting to do since the beginning. A dream come true in that aspect though there are still a lot to learn and do (first on the list is learn how to do 3/4 view faces). Adding to the excitement will be doing the body, clothes and accessories. Oh the possibilities are endless!


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