Watercolor/Ink Whimsical Doll – April week 1

I think the journey of conquering my watercolor fear is still on. Just yesterday I decided to do four whimsical big eyed faces for each week of this month to go along with my ride. Here is my first whimsy girl.


A lot of first happened with this painting – first updo hairstyle, first try at drawing ears and with earrings too, first flower hair accessory, first try at doing small arms to her big head and big eyes, and first try at the wet in wet watercolor technique. With so many firsts happening I did not even bother to be annoyed with my moleskine wrinkling with each layer I put in, rather, I was amazed at how the paper held up and took all the water I put in. So, I am not at all bothered by the wrinkling as I am happily admiring something I thought I’d never achieve. Also, I do not know how to categorize the inktense blocks as it is not a watercolor pigment but an ink in block form. Nonetheless, I am happily discovering a lot from it.

Now the question is, will I be able to recreate something like her? I can try and hope for the best. Painting disasters could happen and that is still considered a learning experience. As long as I am open to encounter unforeseen circumstances or as I always call, happy disasters, I am on my way to learning and discovering more.

Three more whimsical faces are on the works and I hope to achieve a better blending technique when I finish them. I also aim to lessen my journal from wrinkling and lastly, I trust that my fear of using watercolors and or  inks will be minimized or better yet,one day I could stare the watercolors and inks and could tell them to bring it on.


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