Tangle Folk Inspired Doll

Sometimes when I am in a creative rut I give myself the gift of books. My new art book is awesome. I spent a lot of time flipping through each page, savoring the photos and reading the stories of each certified zentangle artist (CZT).


Since I am into drawing faces, and have been doing zentangle inspired art (ZIA), I was immediately drawn to Billie Lauder’s Tangle Folk. Billie’s work reminded me of a project I made a few days ago, My Tangled Girl. I was fired up to do another tangle girl using Billie’s Tangle Folk as inspiration. And to make my life even more exciting, I challenged myself to color my doll with inktense blocks.


I used my medium sized moleskine watercolor notebook for this project. The notebook had been sitting on our bookshelf with a few projects in it. I was suppose to use it for another project but decided not to continue with that anymore. So it is just fitting to use the notebook for this since I’ll be using watercolor. 🙂 Moleskine watercolor notebooks are designed as landscape type and I am very fond of giving my girls long hair, to solve my problem,  flipped the notebook to a portrait position and gave myself ample space to make beautiful tangled hair.


It took me 3 days to finish this lovely tangle doll and each time I’ve spent with her was worth the wait. To my over excitement, I did not settle for one tangle pattern for her hair, I challenged myself to mix different tangle pattern and was very happy that I did not stick to my comfort zone and went very far from it. The decision not to color her hair was influenced by my husband. I kind of liked it too.


This doll taught me so much about patience, a virtue I need the most.


6 thoughts on “Tangle Folk Inspired Doll

  1. She’s beautiful Carrie! I agree with the decision not to color her hair too. I have a small moleskine but I can only use it for dry medium. It said ‘art journal’ when I bought it. I probably won’t buy another moleskine brand for that reason. I’m loving what you’re doing here with your girls! ❤️

    • Thank you so much Patricia! ❤ Yes, I also have a moleskine journal that says art journal but cannot take wet medium, though sometimes I push my luck and use ink sprays. 🙂 Nowadays I just use it for colored pencils and hopefully maybe oil pastels. The moleskine journal I used with my Tangled Doll is a watercolor notebook. It cannot take so much water but still I push my luck and still use it. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Laura! 🙂 I also struggle with patience that’s why it took me 3 days to finish her. But I very much agree with doing the exercise feeling very restful. I guess I’ll be doing this kind of projects from time to time especially when I feel so overwhelmed and in a creative rut.

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