The Documented Life Project – Week 15

April Theme: Color Safari (exploring inks and paints)

April 11

Art Challenge: Acrylics

Journal Prompt: Cry Me a River

This week’s art challenge and journal prompt really did not speak to me that much. I have been searching around the internet for inspiration but got nothing. Since its already Friday, I decided to face the project and make do with whatever I come up with.

To make my life easy and fuss free, I opted to do a simple page. Made use of the negative space of a homemade heart stencil then added black acrylic paint around. Traced the positive side of another homemade rain/tear shaped stencil and colored each one from darkest, black to lightest,yellow and added drips of ink spray of the same color. Used signo black/ white pen to outline the heart and each tear drop. Finished the page with white border and a bit of mark making.


Since the theme of the month is color safari, and instead of making my page so lonely, coloring each teardrop was a fantastic way to add color and putting in those drips of inks added more dimension. Besides, one cannot stay lonesome for a long time, we all need happy and color at some point. Who wants to have a drab life anyway.


To remind me of the journal prompt, the internet was a good source of quotes and poems. I found one and it spoke a lot so I added it to my page though unfortunately I could not find who wrote it.


You can find more of the excitement at the Academy.


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