Family Time

Last weekend my favorite cousin and her best friend and one of our niece, Carmen visited us from Singapore. It was quite a trip for our 13yr old Carmen. From a trip from Vietman, Carmen went with her older sister  who studies in Singapore to spend summer vacation with her Aunt (my cousin). The kid didn’t know that she would be travelling to Malaysia the next day to see me and hubby who she shares the same birth date with.

Last weekend was the first weekend I was spending with family since I arrived in Malaysia six months ago. We ate a lot and embraced each other tightly. Instead of going to a tourist spot, we opted to spend time in a coffee shop and talk. We let Carmen roam around the mall near us and window shop on her own. When its was like to take a look at what Carmen had scouted, we all went and got them for her.

We took a lot of photos though unfortunately our teenager does not want to join in any of them. Is that a thing with teenagers now? Or maybe our niece is just shy like her Tito Din.


                My cousin Pia and I


My cousin’s best friend Griz, Pia and me

Two days is not enough for family time, so hubby and I will be flying to Singapore by first week of May to spend more time with them. I hope our Carmen will still be in SG by that time. Classes in the Philippines starts by June so maybe I could ask my cousin to postpone their Philippine trip on a later date.


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