Conquering My Fear

From the April 4 art challenge over at The Documented Life Project – The Journal, I was inspired to triumph over my fear of watercolors and made this.


I experimented with inktense blocks and was smiling when I finished. Though my hubby said she looks like a furby, my excitement didn’t diminish. I don’t care what she looks like, I love her and she helped me overcome my fear of using watercolors.

This experience taught me a lot with facing my fears and conquering a big mountain I set for myself. It was only when I decided to relax, play and see what happens that I begun to enjoy the process. This exercise taught me to focus on the little processes that make the whole, to appreciate myself for starting and going through the journey, for not stressing over achieving perfection and for making this to please myself only. The big room for improvement will always be there and I am very willing to go, learn, and enjoy but for now I am contented.


7 thoughts on “Conquering My Fear

  1. That face does not look like a furby at all! Your husband is a silly sausage for even thinking that. I think it’s a brilliant painting. I like the use of facial features without the rest of the head and you know I always love dribbles and splatters. My favourite element, however, is the liquid quality you have created in the irises of the eyes.

    • Sorry for the late reply…thank you so much Laura for your sweet words. My husband had a great time making a joke out of the painting and I just let him….we shared a good laugh and he gave me a hug after. 🙂

      • My husband passes comments on my art work too, not all of them complimentary but he’s always encouraging and supportive. I always know I will get honest feedback from him so I appreciate it. So I totally understood your reference to your husband’s comment. 🙂

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