My Tangled Girl

Doodling had been part of my mixed media journey since I started about a year ago now. It has helped me in so many ways, most of which when I am faced with a blank page and have no idea what to do with it. It is also a source of relaxation for my busy mind. Most times when I am doodling, I just let my mind wander, sort of like I am daydreaming.


Since I am into learning drawing faces, I thought of using the whole spread of my journal to draw a girl with a lot of doodles. But as always when I start a project, it usually does not end where I pictured it in my mind. I initially wanted various doodle designs for my girl’s hair but ended up with doing a tangle instead, the Mr. E by Shawn Hayden. Oh and yes, tangles and doodles are different, you can read on the explanation here. So, yes, my doodle girl ended up to me a tangled girl. No worries 🙂


This is my first time to use only one kind of tangle and it was such a great experience to explore. Since my playbook is a bit big, I drew my girl’s face in one side of the journal and let most parts of the remaining space be her hair in the vertical position.


Considering the work I did with my girl’s hair, I added another hurdle to this journey, I decided to color her face with watercolors. I know I’m crazy! 🙂 During the process of face coloring, I was both excited and afraid. Excited because, finally I am brave enough to use my inktense blocks to color a face. Afraid because I do not know what to do if and when I ruin her face. Though I am not aiming for perfection, I wanted something tolerable.


I’ve had an enjoyable journey completing this tangled girl. The experience taught me a lot especially with being patient and knowing when to be satisfied.


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