The Documented Life Project – Week 13

March Theme: Marking Your Mark (doodles and mark making)

March 28 Art Challenge: Make a Custom Element

Journal Prompt: “Ride the energy of your own unique spirit” –  Gabrielle Roth

I’ve had a difficulty tackling the art challenge and journal prompt for the last week of March. Lack of motivation and a bad case of colds I guess. Nonetheless, instead of feeling sick and not doing anything, I tried my best to give my project a shot.


Making a custom element was a tough one. I’ve had great ideas from the Art to the 5th ladies who shared their take, but I could not come up with a general idea for my page. What I had in mind was to use my brick stencil and make something out of it. So I just went with what I want to do and planned to do a wall using the brick stencil. I made a purple brick on both sides of my journal. Outlined them with my dark charcoal pencil and smudged it with my index finger for a grunge look. Then I used three more stencils to put some design on my brick wall as my custom element. For the middle wall, I used gesso with the brick stencil. When it was dry, I added three colors of my inktense pencils and activated it with a water brush. I loved the effect those three colors did. Dark charcoal pencil was also used in between bricks and splatters stencil was  for additional wall dirt. Doodles all over to follow the month’s theme.


Lastly, I used small letter stamps on randomly cut white textured cardstock for the journaling prompt and adhered them onto the page as a pinned wall saying.


Looking back at how I struggled with this week’s challenge and prompt, I’m quite happy with how my page turned out.

For more of the challenges and prompt, join us at the Academy.


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