The Documented Life Project – Week 12

March Theme: Making Your Mark (mark making and doodles)

March 21 Art Challenge: As A Focal Point Journal Prompt: Coming Into Focus

I’ve had a lovely time doing this page. For the longest time I have been meaning to use my inktense pencils and blocks and try my hand at detailed water coloring. Today prompted me to bring them out and try my luck.

Though I am using a non water color journal, I am amazed at how resilient the paper is. I got the journal from a local novelty store (Typo) on sale. Lucky lucky me!

Since the journal prompt is about coming into focus, the first thing that pop into my mind was to evaluate how have I been managing my life in a new country ( Philippines is my home country and now based in Malaysia) for almost six months now. I am very happy to share that I have grown more mature in so short a time. I do not have to remind myself to be brave everyday. I am brave just like all the women who uproot themselves and follow their family to another country. I have adjusted quite well and I am very proud of it. I have shed my prima-donna self and went with what my heart was telling me to become. I think I like myself more now. Though on hindsight, a big change such as this had to happen before I change. But no regrets, none at all. I am more than happy to be here, living a simple life with Hubby and focusing on the people/things that matter the most.

My page is all about the things that I have been contemplating on for the past six months – my mini and big realizations with each category. Now with my narrowed view on where to focus, I am more determined to grow and live life more awake and not cruising.


It would be wonderful to see you at the Academy. Come and join us!


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