The Documented Life Project – Week 10

March Theme: Making your mark (doodles and mark making)

Week 10 – March 7

Art Challenge: As a layer element

Journal Prompt: Surviving the elements

Doodling and mark making have been two of of the most constant characteristics in the pages of my art journal. So when the theme for the month of March came out, I was so thrilled . I don’t usually put anything on top of my doodles and marks, I do them straight to the paper or on top of a painted page and that’s it.

Considering I am into doing faces for quite sometime now, the decision to make one for this prompt and challenge was inevitable. I live in Asia and we only have two seasons – wet and dry. My girl’s hair was the best part where I could incorporate my seasons. I made a raindrop template from my scraps of paper and traced it on the left side to depict the rainy season and a bright mandarin orange sun on the right for the dry season. To finish my page I added a simple quote about rain or shine.


You can join us in the Academy for more of these weekly prompts.


4 thoughts on “The Documented Life Project – Week 10

  1. What a great idea for a page in response to the prompt. Your doodling is exquisite too. I love the rain drop shapes but I’m especially taken with the spiraling lines emerging from the sun and the way they are surrounded by dots.

  2. Great Page! I was thrilled with the doodles theme too. I started this week’s page, but I forgot about the surviving the elements part…we’ll see if I can rescue the page or not, lol.

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